How we stole a dog…

So things are a little tense at home at the moment what with Jessica writing mocks and Tamsyn having a few interpersonal relationship/friend issues, so I figured I’d take them out to Cavendish for a little retail therapy (actually I just wanted to go to Typo* but this way I sound like a great Mom).

Successful shopping trip later and we’re now on our way home ‘cos the matriculant needs to study and morose Tamsyn has a project to finish when we very nearly drive over a Jack Russel**. Naturally we come to a swift stop and Jessica leaps out the car to rescue the poor quivering heap; well you’d have though she ought to have been a poor quivering heap but no…. no she’s a bundle of pent up energy and happiness – no road sense whatsoever… ‘cos she then tried to kill herself again by running across the road in front of another car (suicidal idiot***).

Half an hour later; many knocks on strangers doors and we’re still no closer to finding ecstatic to be around people’s owner. We even accosted some strange woman walking her dog figuring…she’s walking a dog, she lives in the area, logic dictates she knows the neighbourhood dogs. Her response “I have my own dog!” Woman! I didn’t ask if you wanted another dog, I asked if you knew who this (now driving around in the car spreading dog hair all over my back seat ecstatic to be driving in the car) dog. I tell you there are some ‘interesting’ characters wandering around Fish Hoek.

Now we’re in a pickle; we can’t exactly turf ecstatic to be in the car and around people and licking any face crazy enough to get close to her out on the street because in all likelihood she’ll run in front of the next car and then how would we feel?

No choice, we had to take her to Tears (who you’ll be pleased to know do not euthanase the animals no matter how long they’ve been there) who just happened to be having an ‘adopt a doggy’ drive. “No thanks we have one in the car already”

So it turns out, according to those who know more than we do, Cornflakes**** was not a malnourished, disease ridden stray but rather a well looked after (but not chipped) in heat Jack Russel with an itch to scratch.

And that dear friends, is how we ended up stealing someone’s dog and handing it over to the animal rescue centre*****.

*I know!! How can anyone not love Typo!!

**not being a dog type person I had no idea said doggy was a Jack Russel until the animal lover in the car mentioned it.

*** the dog not the driver

****I’m afraid we went there; we named the dog.

*****(#) Roxy (still prefer Cornflakes) was claimed later that day and I’m pretty sure her owner is probably cursing us right now because Tears won’t release a dog until it’s been chipped at the owner’s expense.

(#) seriously how many more can I use?

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