Oh my word but it is cold here! Our guest house is lovely, Lali’s Guesthouse and our room has a beautiful round bath which is where I headed the instant we got in the door, ah bliss. Travelling in the car all day has a way of making even the most seasoned traveller a little edgy and nothing melts that away better than a hot bubble bath in a pretty bathroom.

It would appear the only decent restaurants are those at the big 1 Stop on the way out of town so we headed off to have supper at the Ocean Basket, waiter was a little slow, we figured he’s obviously new cos 9 times out of 10 whenever we eat out we always get the newbies. The food however was delicious and well up to the high standard of ours back home. A few night caps in the room whilst we either read or played pc games and it was time to hit the pillows….hard.

Home stretch tomorrow with an all day, most of the night drive…eta just after midnight.

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