Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree*

Jessica summed it up this weekend when she said “now it feels like Christmas” after the tree was decorated. Which is in sharp contrast to her attitude last year where I had to practically bribe her to put a bauble on the tree in order to get a photograph.

* I thought my title was so clever until I went back to find the link to last year’s tree trimming and realised I’d used it then too – not sure if that makes me predictable or lame.

This year we had additional helpers, one of which decided she’d try being a tree ornament for awhile.

I suspect the tree will have to be decorated on a daily basis with those two around. They are particularly annoying whenever I try and get creative in my scrapbook room – they figure the room is really theirs and I’m just an interloper.

Then again the kitchen seems to be their domain too (well the dishwasher at any rate).

There are times of course when they’re at their very cutest.

But the best time to be around them?

Yup, when they’re passed out on the couch.

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