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Course it’s probably taken me months to notice.

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RIP – Gymmie

*sigh* Poor kitty, never really stood much chance in life. Abandoned by his mother, beaten up on a regular basis by the neighbourhood bully, shifted from pillar to post and finally harrassed by the symbiotic young upstarts. It’s no wonder … Continue reading

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An extract from an email I just wrote to a friend: “Then to add to my woes I had a horrible night last night……. first I couldn’t get my dear husband to turn over and stop snoring…. I swear I … Continue reading

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Belated April Fool!

Huh, and you thought I would go through an entire year not blogging….. pffft. Since I’ve married into an Afrikaans family I’ve been exposed to a variety of different cultural experiences that have left me non-plussed sometimes and pleasantly surprised … Continue reading

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One of these days I’m gonna…

People often mention how hard it is to raise children, they harp on about how your time is never your own, how privacy and sleep become a luxury coveted and grasped with greedy fingers whenever you can. Well let me … Continue reading

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An apple a day… or how I went over to the dark side

Birthdays for me have always been these special, magical days – as a kid I’d get super excited, butterflies in the tummy excited, every time I’d think of how many days to go. I’d also remind everyone weeks ahead of … Continue reading

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Walt Disney World…

Disney isn’t kind like the rest of the hotels, motels and inns we’ve stayed at along the way, there is no free wifi hence the lack of blog posts excitedly extolling the wonder that is Disney. That doesn’t mean it … Continue reading

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RIP – Janice

Have just found out a good friend of mine passed away recently – I don’t know many details from what I can gather her colon ruptured and she had to have an emergency operation from which she never recovered. Rest … Continue reading

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Figure Hell isn’t this hot

Humidity and heat are not a good combination, toss in a group of people and you have a really good chance of them turning on each other, as was evidenced yesterday. Damn but this place is HOT, hotter than Las … Continue reading

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Bye, bye Yellowstone

Up early to strike the tents and head off for the long drive back to Salt Lake City (six hours) to catch our flight to New Orleans – good thing Wouter enjoys driving ‘cos we’ve sure done enough of it … Continue reading

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