Bye, bye Yellowstone

Up early to strike the tents and head off for the long drive back to Salt Lake City (six hours) to catch our flight to New Orleans – good thing Wouter enjoys driving ‘cos we’ve sure done enough of it on this trip, then again this is the last time we hand the car in at the airport and will have to rely on public transport and our feet from now on – oh the horror!

Leaving the park we saw the ever present Bison, but did manage to spot two male elk and a mule deer, still no wolves though, maybe next time. Forgot to mention how much we enjoyed the snow as well, I’ve never been this close to so much of it and even though I was instructed not to step on it on the grounds that I’d end up killing myself, it was wonderful to experience it. Yellowstone has been an amazing experience and I’m pretty sure we won’t forget it for a long time.

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