Hogsback aka the shire

Initial reaction…..omg how cuuuuuuuute….. Slightly tempered by the sight of our accommodation and then totally tempered by the sight of our bath….but a glass of bubbly stills an unhappy heart and the prospect of ‘build your own’ pizza and chicken curry has improved the mood.

We’re staying at the backpackers Away with the Fairies in The Hobbit, billed as a two doubled room cottage with a kitchen. It’s true, there are two rooms not sure you can call the second a double though, and there is a kitchen, loads of ‘character’ and actually why does one travel if you don’t go places with ‘character’. The bath is going to be interesting, it’s hobbit size, pretty much everything in the cottage is hobbit size.

We’re now all parked off in the lounge/dining room either blogging, reading or on our phone…good times.

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