‘Cause baby, you were born this way…

Tamsyn is a huge fan of her music, Jessica and I like a lot of her songs so when we heard she was coming out it was a bit of a moot point as to whether we’d get tickets or not, not that the actual ticket buying wasn’t a frustrating experience,  Computicket’s virtual queue system has its moments. Still 4 tickets were procured and the waiting began. Fast forward several months and we have:

Yes my husband is reading at a Lady Gaga concert. I could let on that this was during the opening act, some band with darkness in their title (who really weren’t all that great) but why spoil a good story with facts :-)

Got to say though, the 2 and a half hour wait was well worth it.   She’s an incredible performer and her set was magnificent, I figure either her horse is deaf or just really used to thousands of people screaming at it.

(‘k turns out my eyesight is not as good as say someone with binoculars… ’tisn’t a real horse after all….. who knew

Her energy level is amazing and I know she does this concert time and time again even so her costume changes were impressively slick and well I figure I’m running out of adjectives so the pics can speak for me.

Her overriding theme/message was one of tolerance and although her language left much to be desired (for the record I’ve always hated swearing and it is not a reflection that I’m turning into a cantankerous ‘ol biddy… I swear Wouter if you pass comment on this life will get decidedly frosty*) particularly sexual preference tolerance.  She is loved by all as was evident by the crowd but none more so than by the gay community of Cape Town who came out in droves to see her, dressed up to the nines. Twice she picked out people from the audience to come up on stage with her which impressed me greatly especially as they wouldn’t stop touching her, guess you give up personal space issues when you become a rock star :-)

That little girl will never forget her 15 seconds of fame.

The press were banned from taking professional photos of the concert and in a little bit of a hissy fit opted to boycott but “Groeneweld said fans were welcome to take their phones and smaller digital cameras to the event.” So I did.  Must say the security woman did look a little askance when she saw my camera but after promising her it wasn’t a ‘professional’ one she let me in, it isn’t a professional camera but it has a zoom function that skrik vir niks and takes really good low light shots, I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

That teddy (lion?) was one of many soft toys thrown up on stage

Stunning, stunning show but as all shows must come to an end so must this blog post –

*He’s still in trouble for the BFM** comment…….

** don’t ask……

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