Territory wars…

Spikey came back the other morning, Sunday morning to be exact at precisely 3:02.  I know this ‘cos my alarm clock told me. I then proceeded to spend the next ten minutes staring out the window, camera at the ready waiting for the ultimate ‘National Geographic’ shot. There are two reasons why this didn’t happen, a. Spikey didn’t blimmen come out from under the house within those ten minutes and b. the window was so misted up that any shot would have looked more like an alien visiting Earth than a porcupine. I also think W’s got tired of hearing me moan about Spikey, because he’s resorted to drastic measures to shut me up.  He’s *erm* how does one put this delicately, marked his territory.  I kid you not! As an aside, I don’t know whether it is a male thing, or an Afrikaans thing, or maybe just a De Waal thing, but all the males in that family have this primitive urge to pee out doors.  Blew my mind the first time I witnessed it, not the actual peeing you understand just the going outside to do it, still catches me out 7  years down the line.  Perhaps I come from a repressed English upbringing, because I cannot think of a single time when any of the males in my family walked outside rather than use the wonderful invention, a flushing loo. Haven’t heard Spikey for a few days.

And! my kids are home again.  Not sure who was more excited them or me.  They keep giving me tight hugs followed by “it’s good to be home again, Mom”.  Warms the heart it does. :)

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