What happens in Vegas ends up on the hotel room floor

Virgin America is now officially my favourite airline, true they’re mercenary and charge for just about everything, $8 to watch a movie, $2 for a headset (good thing we nicked the ones from Delta) and $6 for a glass of wine but their tv sets are touch screen and you can place your order for refreshments via the tv console, how cool is that? The other cool thing about them? The flight took just under 2 hours to get from San Francisco to Las Vegas, literally felt like we’d just got in the air and then we were descending again.

The pilot did warn us saying the temperature outside was 108 deg but when you have no real idea what Fahrenheit to Celsius is it comes as a flippen huge shock. HOT, we’re talking STINKIN’ HOT.

Some of us (names are withheld to spare the innocent – but if you see a huge blinking arrow pointing towards Jessica follow it) were extremely grumpy when they got off the plane and it lasted till the hotel room. Our hotel may be the kitchiest (according to my trend conscious kids) but we ended up with an awesome room. Not sure why but the lady booking us in took a shine to us (then again we are great people) and upgraded Wouter and my room to a deluxe suite, and it was gorgeous – that is until the kids got hold of it (lets just say that popping back to check on them only to find the housekeeping dude using a massive vacuum cleaner to suck up the water off the carpet was disturbing).

Grumpy and slightly less grumpy opted to stay in their room with room service whilst Wouter and I first went to the pinball museum and then hit the strip, course I wore the wrong shoes and very soon was hobbling much better but it was fun. A colleague at work had warned me about the pimps handing out ‘business cards’ and he didn’t exaggerate within half a block Wouter had enough cards to paper the inside of a small bathroom, they’re sexist though they only give to the men on the street. The strip was crawling with a wide assortment of people from bridal shower parties, drunk youngsters, drunk oldies to newlyweds and birthday parties. And oh my gosh it was still hot – 22:00 and 41 deg Celsius.

The deal was I went with Wouter to the pinball museum and he’d let me gamble for a bit in the hotel casino. The fact that no-one got a hysterical call from me means I didn’t win the jackpot, didn’t even win my money back, those casinos are mean.

Leftover pizza for supper and then bed.

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