So, so very spoilt

It is our first anniversary tomorrow…7 July. For those who don’t know us, we have had a somewhat unconventional relationship… started by meeting in a chatroom on the internet (less jaw dropping these days than say seven years ago), six years later we got married and about two months ago we moved in together. For some it might seem strange that we married before we moved in, for us a self confessed Geek and Nerd, it made abundant sense. You see we met on 7 July 2001, got engaged 7 July 2005 and *had* to get married on 7 July 2007. Um had to in a geek sense, not in the more traditional sense!! What better date than 07/07/07.


Which brings me to my anniversary present. I have for a long time wanted a laptop, Wouter kept saying I didn’t need one, I’m sure he’s right in a fundamental sense, but that didn’t stop the yearning or the subtle hinting, nagging and casual mentioning in passing. As it happens a friend of his learnt about the EeePC and decided he couldn’t live without one. As soon as Wouter pointed me to a link about them, I decided I couldn’t live without one either. Some negotiation later W agreed to source one for me and I started to set aside money for it. Well I am sure you know where this is going, yup my wonderful husband arranged for his brother to bring me one from the UK in time for our anniversary. Actually we cheated and he gave it to me yesterday. It is the cutest thing out, is run on Linux which for me will take some getting used to, as well as a somewhat small keyboard, my cursor keeps finding its way to all sorts of weird places. Overall I am extremely impressed and excited about it (so is hubby who now can’t live without one either). As for the tradition of giving each other paper on ones first anniversary, well this is almost like giving a person paper. A stretch I know, but one I will stick to!

My new laptop

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