That fool of a cat…

I love my cat…and it’s wonderful having him home again…. you’re waiting for the but, aren’t you? BUT! the fool is going to be the death of me. He is an amazingly sweet cat and we’ve had no problems with him moving from Bellville to Fish Hoek. He’s been going outside since his second day here and apart from picking up a slight cold he’s settled in really well.  So why the but? Because the damn fool sleeps all day and then wakes up at 3am, which would be fine if he didn’t feel that everyone else has to be awake as well. He wakes up and then meows… not a little ‘hi, you awake?’ meow… more a ‘WAKE UP EVERYONE – LETS GO PLAY’ meow. (As an aside, Wouter put a catflap in our bathroom door for him – suffice to say…. he hasn’t quite cottoned on yet) So this morning at 3:22 I showed him the catflap…. nope, not interested. I put him outside the front door.   Two minutes later, he’s back inside (through the lounge window) insisting I get up. I “gently” shove him out my bathroom door (catflap be damned)…. ah bliss, back to sleep again.  Ten minutes later he’s back inside only this time he’s wise… he quietly jumps back on the bed. Five minutes later ‘WAKE UP EVERYONE, LETS GO PLAY’ Now the game is on.. I get out the bed to grab him, he’s off running into the lounge. I mutter under my breath about a certain cat losing several of his nine lives and climb back into bed. He figures perhaps he’s pushing his luck and jumps back onto the bed again.  Damn cat had the indecency to look at me when the alarm went off as if to say ‘what the *beep*?’.













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