I had to giggle…

On the way to work this morning – yet another one of those moments where you wonder what the hell the person did.  Signs tacked to lamp posts just past the Kirstenbosch turn off…. *Sorry* *Honey* *I was* *wrong* *learning husband* – would love  to know what he did *grin*.

Wouter spotted a Yucca tree being advertised on freecycle and as he’d always wanted one – leapt at the chance.  Well leap is a bit strong – took the crazy lady who was freecycling it some time to actually agree to part with it. Not sure what it is about the deep Southern Suburbs, but they’re a crazy lot. He then had Frank and a couple of his buddies help him collect it.

As Yucca trees go – the poor thing is a bit brow beaten, scrappy and in serious need of TLC but does give our place a bit of a tropical feel to it.

Being Fish Hoek Wouter needed to do a little bit of macgyvering to make sure it didn’t blow over.

Apparently it doesn’t need much watering – this is a good thing.

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