We’re not there yet

A familiar refrain I keep hearing from Wouter, comes from me getting excited about all sorts of things which are only likely to occur *way* down the line. (It’s a female thing, just can’t help myself).  I’ve managed to remember to have my camera & cable with me so that I can upload images of our house, in particular the rooms that will be completely redone, or modified.

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen A view from the kitchen towards the existing door 

Here’s a view of the kitchen with some of the cupboards removed

Lovely view of the mouse’s nest  Yes that little white patch in the corner is a mouse nest.

A few pictures of what is going to be the master bedroom and en-suite

Master Bedroom   Master Bedroom  The idea here is to create a bedroom and bathroom with as much as we can fit in whilst still giving us enough space to move around.  Not an easy task and we’re several plans down the line but we’re getting there.

Main bathroom View of the main bathroom Main bathroom Bath

The main bathroom – as you can see the bath definitely needs replacing.

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